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Vezi episodul  The Seven Deadly Sins  Sez 2 - Ep 6,  episod online

The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins

Hendrickson reveals that Dreyfus is still alive. Hendrickson defeats the grey demon using a druid spell previously used by Gilthunder’s father, Zaratras. Hendrickson reveals that 10 years ago he and Dreyfus investigated the destroyed country of Danafor. They encountered a demon named Flaudrin who possessed Hendrickson. Unwilling to kill Hendrickson’s body, Dreyfus was forced to allow Flaudrin to live inside Hendrickson and eventually to murder Zaratras and frame the Sins as revenge against Meliodas who had defeated him 16 years ago when Flaudrin destroyed Danafor and murdered Meliodas’ lover, Liz. Meliodas awakens in Camelot with everyone healed except for Merlin. Gowther had tampered with Galand’s memory so he believed he killed everybody. Merlin, who had transferred her soul into her sacred treasure, the magical crystal Aldan, explains that all the Sins combined have a combat level of 22,000, while Galand by himself had a level of 26,000. This means if the Commandments succeed in regaining their magic their combined combat level will be over 300,000. Meliodas decides to locate the final Sin, Escanor, the Lion’s Sin of Pride. King arrives wanting to see Diane, only to find Diane has amnesia and no longer remembers who anybody is, including King.

Vezi acum online: The Seven Deadly Sins , Sezonul 2 - Episodul 6,  - The Great Holy Knight Atones For His Sins, episod online subtitrat in limba Romana calitate HD. The Seven Deadly Sins este un serial oferit gratuit. Totul este gratuit pe filmeseriale.eu.  Distribuie sau scrie parerea ta despre acest episod !


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The Seven Deadly Sins season 2

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