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Vezi acum online: JAG – Justiție militară (1995-2005), serial online subtitrat în Română: 1x21.  este un serial oferit gratuit. Totul este gratuit pe vezi-ONLINE

JAG – Justiție militară (1995-2005), serial online subtitrat în Română: 1x21


A killed Navy officer working at a destroyer’s new defensive system is investigated by Harm with help from Lt. Pike and Cdr. Brockman. Later, during the testing of this system, a malfunction occurs and the system takes over the ship. Without any chance to navigate it, the ship drifts directly to North Korea where the North Korean Navy is already awaiting them. Meg, who came in later, tries with other technicians to break the lockout to regain control over the sabotaged system. Locations: Okinawa, Japan; Japanese Sea

JAG: 1×21
May. 22, 1996

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